English Overview

At East Dene Primary School, we believe that English is a fundamental life skill and we are passionate about children achieving their full potential in all areas of English.

English develops children’s ability to listen, speak, read and write for a wide range of purposes. At East Dene, children are encouraged to express themselves creatively and imaginatively as they become enthusiastic and critical readers and writers. We strongly believe that it is both our responsibility as well as our privilege to promote a lifelong love for learning, communicating, reading and writing and to accompany and support our pupils on a journey to realise their linguistic potential.

We adopt a cross-curricular approach to English, which means that we take opportunities to make meaningful links with other areas of the curriculum and purposefully create reasons, motivations and audiences for writing.


At East Dene Primary School, we know that reading is at the heart of a successful writer. In turn, we ensure that children receive high-quality daily guided reading sessions as well as immersing children in language-rich texts which are carefully selected and planned out across the year. We believe in the importance of developing children’s word-reading skills and comprehension and we recognise the importance of both elements by ensuring children have a secure understanding of the key skills in order to understand and engage with a text.


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Reading Prompts

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red-posterRead Every Day

As reading is the key to success, we believe that reading every day is of the upmost importance. We encourage our children to read every day at home whether that be on their own or with a parent/carer. The successes of this are regularly celebrated with the children. As a result of this, our children are becoming enthusiastic readers and we encourage them read widely and across a variety of genres and authors.

How can you help?

  1. Set aside a regular time for reading afterschool.
  2. Ask questions about the book they are currently reading and their class novel.
  3. Encourage a wide variety of reading materials which are appropriate to them.
  4. Take them to the library.
  5. Ask your child’s class teacher about their progress in reading.
  6. Show an enthusiasm for your child’s reading.

Download Read Every Day Letter to Parents



At East Dene Primary School, we believe that a child’s ability to write will impact upon self-esteem, motivation and aspirations for the future. We know that being literate prepares them for the future they deserve and allows them to become articulate thinkers.

We aim to support your children to become confident and inspired writers. Writing is a major part of the curriculum and we are dedicated to promoting creativity through the written word supported by the structured development of grammar and punctuation.

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At East Dene Primary School, we ensure that children have secure knowledge of the English language not only through writing but also through daily EGPS lessons.

We aim to teach EGPS in a way that is purposeful and meaningful. Although some EGPS sessions are discrete, they are always part of a teaching sequence.