Modern Foreign Language

Nous aimons le français!

At East Dene Primary School we are keen to promote the study of a foreign language because of its increasing importance in the modern world.  We want to embed language learning into our curriculum.  This has been recognised in the National Curriculum where there is a statutory commitment to give every child between the ages of 7 and 11 the opportunity to learn a new language.


In French pupils will learn to:

We aim to ensure that pupils:

Subject Content

French is usually taught in discreet half hour blocks in year groups.  Much language learning can be taught informally and incidentally through using the language for real purposes e.g. taking the register, classroom commands, maths mental warm-up, celebrating achievements and birthdays.  With the addition of this informal teaching time, the recommended one hour per week for the Key Stage 2 MFL framework is met.  French is delivered in Key Stage 2 by the class teachers.  For further information about how French is delivered throughout school please speak to your child’s class teacher and/or Miss M Chowdhary, our MFL subject leader.

Download MFL Progression of Skills Document

MFL in Action

Here pupils are consolidating their ability to count to 10 in French through playing matching games, learning a song as well as playing Bingo!